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Experts in Gentle Tooth Extraction

Nothing compares to healthy, natural teeth, but sometimes disease, trauma, or other issues can cause a tooth to become damaged or decayed beyond repair. When this happens, a tooth extraction is commonly the best way to preserve your oral health and safeguard your remaining teeth. If you have been experiencing chronic tooth pain, your tooth is infected, or wisdom teeth are impacted or crowding other teeth, it is time for a visit to our office! We are experts in safe and gentle tooth extractions and perform these procedures on a routine basis. With the aid of dental technology and modern techniques and tools, our tooth extraction process is comfortable and minimally invasive. If severe pain in one or more teeth has been affecting your quality of life, a tooth extraction may be the answer to restore your health and a pain-free smile!

Restore the Health of Your Smile

No matter which type of tooth extraction you need, we provide care that is always focused on restoring the health of your smile. If a problem tooth can be saved, we will attempt to do so before recommending a tooth extraction. In the case of wisdom teeth, timely tooth extraction ensures that no harm will come to your oral health. We provide sedation dentistry with all our tooth extraction procedures to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

Dental Implants Rebuild Smiles After Tooth Extraction

Aside from wisdom tooth removal, an extraction of a problem tooth can open the doors for a tooth replacement option that can also restore health to your smile! Dental implants are the only restorative solution that most closely imitates the function and beautify of natural teeth. We can place and restore dental implants after tooth extractions to ensure that your remaining teeth do not drift and your jaw bone is preserved. One of the greatest benefits of receiving dental implants, however, is the restored aesthetics to your smile that this lifelike option provides! Our expertise in implant dentistry, both in the placement and restoration of dental implants, means you can enjoy the beauty and function of a complete smile, even after one or more teeth have been extracted.

Protect your oral health with our safe tooth extractions!

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