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The Empowering Effects of Sedation

For many people, the thought of enduring a visit to the dentist makes them feel anxious or afraid. Sometimes this dental anxiety is so severe, they skip dental appointments altogether, causing any oral health issues like cavities, chronic tooth pain, or bleeding gums to go untreated. If you are fearful of dental procedures or for some other reason unable to go through a dental appointment, you are not alone in Maine! You are, however, increasing your risk for tooth decay or disease. We are certified in IV sedation dentistry and offer oral sedation to provide the most comfortable and relaxing experiences possible for our fearful patients. With the aid of Auburn sedation dentistry, you will be able to receive the necessary dental care you need and feel confident in your dental experiences in the future. Do not let dental anxiety hold you back any longer! Experience the empowering effects calming sedation provides by scheduling an appointment with us today!

dr guze with dental sedation patient in Lewison, ME

“Many people avoid dental treatments altogether because of fear and we understand that. So in our practice, we offer oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Experience a New Level of Calm with IV Sedation

IV conscious sedation has helped a vast number of our severely anxious patients finally receive the oral health care they require to achieve a healthy smile. Administered intravenously, IV sedation puts patients in a deeper sleep state, helping provide a highly calming experience and allowing us to complete more complex procedures conveniently. Even if you do not suffer from dental anxiety, but have sensitive teeth or a bad gag reflex, IV sedation is an ideal solution for these circumstances. You will be able to enjoy your dental experiences without having to worry about sights, sounds, smells, or pain!

Sedation Dentistry Lewiston, ME

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic numbs the specific area in need of treatment and can be used in conjunction with other sedation options to ensure a virtually painless procedure. The numbness may spread further than the treatment site and can take a couple hours to wear off, so it is best to refrain from eating or drinking until then.

Sedation Dentistry Lewiston, ME

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is taken in pill form an hour before the procedure and puts patients with more serious dental anxiety into a deeper level of relaxation. Many times, patients have no memory of the procedure, though they are awake. Oral sedation takes several hours to wear off, so patients will need to be driven to and from their appointment.

Sedation Dentistry Lewiston, ME

IV Conscious Sedation

IV sedation is administered through the veins and can be carefully monitored to provide the most ideal level of sedation throughout the procedure(s). Patients are in a conscious “sleeping” state, but can respond to directions, though they will have no memory of treatment. IV sedation wears off quickly, without any lingering grogginess.

We Help Patients Conquer Dental Anxiety

Sedation dentistry can open the doors for better oral health for the rest of your life! When you no longer fear dental appointments, you will be able to receive the necessary preventive care your smile deserves. From routine hygiene appointments to restorative care such as dental implants, our patients, with help from sedation dentistry, have been able to achieve and maintain great oral health. You do not need to fear your dental appointments. Our IV certified dentists are here to help you conquer your dental anxiety!

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