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An infection of the dental pulp inside a tooth can cause numerous surface-level concerns, most notably, chronic tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, and swelling of the surrounding gums. What many patients fail to realize is that a lingering toothache that is never addressed can worsen to the point of tooth extraction or even tooth loss! Tooth infection can also spread throughout the body, causing facial swelling, tender or swollen lymph nodes in the jaw and neck, and sometimes fever. Since tooth infections do not resolve on their own, root canal therapy is the only way to eliminate pain, ultimately saving your tooth. We are committed to restoring your whole body health and skillfully treat infected teeth by utilizing our expertise in tooth structure, dental technology, and calming sedation dentistry. Our personalized root canal therapy is gentle, effective, and aimed at halting your tooth pain!

Save Your Tooth from Extraction

A simple root canal procedure can fully restore your tooth quickly and in the least invasive way possible. During this process, we fully numb the area, then remove the top portion of your tooth enamel to gain access to the pulp chamber. Once all infection has been cleared away, we carefully seal the tooth to ensure no bacteria invades the area. After root canal treatment is complete, we will place a custom dental crown over the tooth, which simultaneously restores tooth aesthetics and functional strength. Root canal treatment halts chronic tooth pain and infection, but most importantly, will save you from more oral health complications and possibly needing a tooth extraction!

root canal tooth model in Lewison, ME

Example of a Root Canal Procedure

Timely root canal therapy can:

• Eliminate tooth pain
• Halt further infection
• Restore tooth aesthetics
• Improve oral health
• Lower tooth extraction risk

Live Pain Free After Root Canal Therapy

After root canal therapy, you will be free to enjoy pain-free eating and drinking once again! Without chronic tooth pain, or sharp pain when you bite or chew, you will be able to eat a wider variety of food, helping to maintain better overall health. Even the best tooth replacement option cannot take the place of a natural and healthy tooth. If you have had a lingering toothache, seeking timely treatment is the first step to being pain-free and saving your natural tooth. Contrary to the popular belief, root canal therapy itself is not painful, though we offer multiple sedation dentistry options to help you feel calm and relaxed throughout your procedure.

Chronic tooth pain? Root canal therapy may be your solution!

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