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Unparalleled Aesthetics with Fully Restored Oral Function

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Years of Experience Backed by Dental Technology

If you are missing a majority or all of your teeth, you understand the profound effects it has on your health and wellbeing. One of the most permanent and lifelike ways we can restore multiple missing teeth is with full arch dental implants. A full arch of missing teeth can be replaced with a denture or prosthesis that attaches to two or more dental implants secured in the jaw bone. Our practice is equipped with experienced doctors, including a board-certified periodontist, and dental technology to offer this comprehensive treatment with the greatest skill, accuracy, and health benefits we can provide. When a full arch of new teeth is supported by dental implants, you can enjoy vast improvements to your health, oral function, smile, and—most importantly—your overall confidence!

dr guze providing great dental care

“With the advent of implantology we now have the ability to provide patients with fixed teeth. That is teeth that for the most part look, feel and function like real teeth within a day.”
Kevin Guze DMD

How Will I Benefit from Full Arch Dental Implants?

Extensive tooth loss is rarely too hopeless for our experienced team! With our guidance and expertise, you will be able to regain lost oral function, smile aesthetics, and self-esteem through full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures. Unlike removable options, permanent full arch dental implants provide the stability and strength nearly identical to that of natural, healthy teeth. Functionally, you will be able to eat a wider variety of foods, improve your oral health, and fill out your cheeks and lips. Aesthetically, your prosthesis will be crafted from the highest quality of materials, appear natural in color and size, and blend harmoniously with your face shape as a whole. Together, all of these improvements to your smile can provide a significant boost in your confidence and quality of life!

Fully Restored Health, Function, and Aesthetics

Full arch dental implants must be placed precisely in order for them to remain secure and accommodate a denture or prosthesis long-term. To ensure this, our experienced team utilizes guided implant surgery, advanced technology that assists in surgical planning and during surgery itself. With a foundation of accurately placed dental implants, we can further guarantee the success of your full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures. Once healed, your custom-made prosthesis or denture will be secured onto your dental implants to fully restore oral function and smile aesthetics! Though we are skilled in this treatment process, placing dental implants is still a surgical procedure, and we provide varying levels of sedation for your comfort.


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