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The Confidence of a Complete Smile

Tooth loss, though common, is both a cosmetic and functional issue, oftentimes causing embarrassment and discomfort. One or more missing teeth can easily be replaced with custom, cost-effective partial or complete dentures. These artificial tooth appliances provide an essential boost in facial appearance and smile aesthetics, while offering the necessary functional improvements for biting, chewing, and speaking. We design partial and complete dentures to meet the unique needs of each patient to ensure the most aesthetic appearance and most functionally beneficial fit. With a fully restored arch of teeth that looks natural and functions well, you can once again feel confident in the health and beauty of a complete, new smile!

Partial Dentures: Improving Comfort and Function

Patients missing one or more (but not all) of their teeth can receive partial dentures, which are customized to fill in the gaps created by lost teeth. This appliance is attached to remaining teeth by metal clasps and is tailored to fit snugly both on the gum line and around the existing teeth. This ensures that remaining teeth do not drift, causing aesthetic as well as occlusal issues. Partial dentures restore comfort and function for eating and speaking, and are less invasive and more cost-effective than other restorative options. We match partial dentures to the color of your gums and surrounding teeth for the most seamless appearance!

Benefits of Partial Dentures:

• Restores smile aesthetics
• Improves self-confidence
• Protects existing teeth from drifting
• Easily removable for cleaning
• Helps fill out the cheeks

Complete Dentures: Restoring Beauty and Confidence

Patients missing all of their teeth in one or both arches can benefit from complete dentures that restore entire sets of teeth. Personalized to the jaw bone structure of each patient, dentures provide functional improvements needed to eat and speak properly. In addition, we create dentures using only the highest quality materials that look and feel like natural teeth, filling out the cheeks and lips without appearing bulky. Along with careful customization of each denture, we always make any adjustments necessary to ensure the most comfortable and snug fit. While we are creating your final restoration, we provide temporaries, so you will not need to go another day without missing teeth!

Benefits of Complete Dentures:

• Improves biting and chewing ability
• Fills out cheeks and lips
• Clarity of speech and pronunciation
• Improves self-confidence
• Highly aesthetic smile

Dentures provide the aesthetics and function your smile deserves!

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