Expertise in Placing and Restoring Aesthetic Dental Implants

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In-House Placement and Restoration

Dental implants are the single best tooth replacement option we offer and are the only solution that can permanently replace one or more missing teeth. Along with having the aesthetics of a healthy tooth, you will never again have to worry about pain or discomfort when eating, a gapped smile, or shifting teeth! Our practice is comprised of talented dentists and a board-certified periodontist, a multidisciplinary team that has the expertise and technology to place and restore dental implants in-house. We use guided implant technology to help us precisely place implants in the most ideal position, to ensure longevity and overall success. Our treatment plans are designed for your unique needs and smile goals and carried out by highly skilled doctors. Together, this approach helps ensure the long-term functional success and beauty of your Auburn Dental Implants, improving your life for many years to come!

dr guze providing great dental care

“With the latest technology, we have the ability to make dental implant treatment look completely natural.”
Kevin Guze DMD

The Unique Advantage of Dental Implants

Dental implants are uniquely advantaged over other restorative options because they “trick” the body into thinking a natural tooth root is present by being firmly stabilized in the jaw bone. This stimulation halts bone loss that can be unsightly and alter facial structure over time. Unlike a dental bridge or removable denture, dental implants are not mobile, nor can they dislodge or fall out of your mouth if you eat sticky or tough foods. In addition, even filling the gap of a single missing tooth provides great aesthetic improvements to your smile and keeps your existing teeth from drifting out of alignment. Dental implants also look and feel natural and are matched in color and size to blend beautifully with your natural teeth!

Diane's Experience With Dental Implants

Diane's Experience With Dental Implants

The Benefits of dental implants include:

• Significantly boosts self-confidence
• Permanently secured in the jaw bone
• Mimics the stability of a healthy tooth
• Improves smile and facial aesthetics
• Preserves the health of the jaw
• Expanded and improved dietary options

Leveraging Our Expertise and Dental Technology

Our experience and training in dental implants includes the use of certain dental technology such as guided implant surgery. We leverage this technology throughout your treatment process, helping guide us in the best course of treatment and ensuring planning is precise and outcomes are predictably advantageous to your unique oral health needs. All of this is vital to helping further guarantee that your dental implants are placed in such a way that provides the biggest health and aesthetic benefits to you from day one, with the proper ongoing at-home and professional dental care. We provide sedation dentistry, including IV conscious sedation, for a more relaxing and safe experience.


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