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Functional Restorations Crafted with Artistic Precision

Dental crowns and dental bridges are two of the most common restorative options we provide our patients. Custom made to the needs of each patient, oftentimes in less than an hour, dental crowns and dental bridges can fix cosmetic and functional issues with teeth, even if one or more of them are missing. Our talented team takes great care that these restorations fit perfectly into your existing smile, working carefully to color match your restorations and customize them to fit securely next to adjacent teeth and against the gum line. If your dental crown or dental bridge is even slightly insecure or flawed, or does not meet your smile goals, we will adjust your restoration until both our team and you are satisfied. With this artistic precision and eye for detail, we can provide beautiful and long-lasting crowns and bridges that significantly improve the natural beauty of your smile, while restoring necessary oral function to your teeth! Through our use of digital technology, we can create custom dental crowns or dental bridges in just one appointment.

dr guze with dental sedation patient in Lewison, ME

“We can design a tooth while the patient is sitting in a chair, within half an hour we can provide a wonderful long lasting restoration for them, and they can leave the same day with that restoration.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Dental Crowns: Strong, Permanent, Versatile

A dental crown is a strong, tooth colored “cap” that covers over the whole tooth to restore function, shape, size, strength, and color. Dental crowns are ideal for replacing large fillings, strengthening a fractured or cracked tooth, restoring a dental implant, or preserving a tooth after a root canal. A small portion of your tooth’s enamel is removed to accommodate the new crown. We create temporary dental crowns in-office to protect your tooth until your final custom restoration is ready to be permanently fused to your tooth.

The benefits of dental crowns include:

• Preserving damaged teeth
• Strengthening cracked teeth
• Restoring a dental implant
• Improving volume of worn teeth
• Masking tooth discolorations
• Protection after a root canal
• Anchoring a dental bridge

Dental Bridges: Cost-Effective, Aesthetic, Secure

A dental bridge is a series of crowns fused together to fill in the gap of one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges can be removable or permanent, attaching securely to the adjacent teeth. Dental bridges are ideal for replacing one or more adjacent missing teeth, maintaining facial shape after tooth loss, keeping existing teeth from drifting, and improving health and smile aesthetics. After a small portion of enamel is removed from each tooth, we will cover them with a temporary bridge. Once your permanent dental bridge is ready, we finalize color and fit, then fuse it permanently to your teeth.

The benefits of dental bridges include:

• Restoring biting and chewing power
• Replacing one or more missing teeth
• Improving smile aesthetics
• Maintaining facial shape
• Distributing biting force properly
• Preventing teeth from drifting
• Eliminating unsightly gaps

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