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Bone Grafting from a Trained Dental Team

Bone loss is a natural consequence of tooth loss, gum disease, or facial trauma. Without the pressure and stimulation of tooth roots, the bone resorbs and shrinks. This could lead to a change in facial shape or the shifting of other teeth. Our highly educated team understands this resorption process, and is highly trained and experienced in rebuilding bone through bone grafting. Bone grafting may be necessary before getting dental implants, since adequate levels of bone are needed to ensure implant success. Our expertise in this procedure can ensure you have the most ideal foundation to replace any number of missing teeth with dental implants.

dr guze with dental sedation patient in Lewison, ME

“We have excellent long term studies that demonstrate wonderful results with bone graft that we know will last and provide the support for the implants.”
Kevin Guze DMD

Our Bone Grafting Process

Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement solutions available, but they require an adequate level of jaw bone volume to be successful. To fully restore this volume, we take bone from a different part of your body or a donor source and use it to build up the height and width of the jaw. This process also jumpstarts the stimulation of natural bone regrowth needed for a healthy and strong jaw line. We strive to make our bone grafting procedures as non-invasive as possible by coupling our expertise with the latest dental technology. With the help of sedation dentistry, your bone grafting procedure will be virtually pain-free and precise, with the end goal of restoring the ideal levels of bone needed for dental implants!

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More Information on Bone Grafting

The benefits of bone grafting include:

• Regenerates new bone growth
• Restores proper bone volume
• Improves the success of dental implants
• Preserves the jaw bone ridge

Meeting the Needs of Each Patient

We offer various bone grafting procedures to meet the unique needs of each of our patients. If bone has resorbed in the upper back portion of the jaw, or you have a large sinus cavity, a sinus lift helps provide the necessary bone height to accommodate a dental implant. During the procedure, a small “window” of bone is cut and lifted so that bone grafting material can be placed underneath. A ridge augmentation or preservation helps to preserve the natural contours of the jaw bone directly following a tooth extraction. No matter your situation, we have the skills and tools required to perform bone grafting procedures that provide the most functional and beneficial outcomes.


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